Here are some pictures from an ascent of Aconcagua in December/January 2009/2010 with Alpine Ascents International.

Team Picture, 21 December 2009 Team Picture, 6 January 2010

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Mon 21 December: Arrive Mendoza. Drive to Penitentes.
Tue 22 December: Drive to Punta de Vacas. Begin trek to Plaza Argentina. Camp 2900m.
Wed 23 December: Trek to Plaza Argentina day 2. Camp 3250m.
Thu 24 December: Trek to Plaza Argentina day 3. Camp 4200m.
Fri 25 December: Rest day at Plaza Argentina.
Sat 26 December: Carry to camp I, 4650m. Return to Plaza Argentina.
Sun 27 December: Move to camp I.
Mon 28 December: Carry to camp II, 5350m.
Tue 29 December: Rest day at camp I.
Wed 30 December: Move to camp II.
Thu 31 December: Carry to camp III, 5800m.
Fri 1 January: Move to camp III.
Sat 2 January: Rest day at camp III.
Sun 3 January: Move to camp IV, 6200m.
Mon 4 January: Summit day (6962m).
Tue 5 January: Descent to Plaza de Mulas. Camp 4300m.
Wed 6 January: Walk out to Punta del Inca. Drive to Penitentes.


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