Chilkoot Trail & Yukon River

Here are some pictures from a trip to the Chilkoot trail (Alaska/British Columbia) and the Yukon River (Yukon) in August 2014 with KE Adventure.

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Sun 10 August: Arrive Whitehorse.
Mon 11 August: Drive to Skagway. Camp at Dyea.
Tue 12 August: Morning in Dyea. Afternoon walk to trailhead and start Chilkoot trail. Camp at Canyon City.
[Walk stats: start 15:06, finish 19:56, min 0m, max. 80m, ascent 165m, descent 100m]
Wed 13 August: Lunch at Pleasant camp. Overnight at Sheep camp.
[Walk stats: start 09:28, finish 15:24, min 60m, max 385m, ascent 275m, descent 50m]
Thu 14 August: Lunch at Chilkoot summit. Overnight at Happy camp.
[Walk stats: start 07:32, finish 16:48, min 255m, max 1040m, ascent 815m, descent 210m]
Fri 15 August: Lunch at Lindeman camnp. Overnight at Bare Loon Lake camp.
[Walk stats: start 09:15, finish 17:51, min 660m, max 975m, ascent 225m, descent 380m]
Sat 16 August: Walk to trail end at Bennet. WP & WR train to Carcross. Drive to Whitehorse.
[Walk stats: start 08:39, finish 11:40, min 600m, max 690m, ascent 80m, descent 160m]
Sun 17 August: Whitehorse.
Mon 18 August: Start canoe trip on Lake Laberge at 614'39" N 13511'52" W. Camp at 6116'53" N 13516'25" W.
Tue 19 August: Lunch at start of "the thirty mile" river. Camp at 6128'2" N 1356'41" W.
Wed 20 August: Camp at Hootalinqua, 6135'6" N 13454'15" W.
Thu 21 August: Shipyward island. Camp at 6155'26" N 1353'39" W.
Fri 22 August: Camp at 6159'23" N 13525'32" W.
Sat 23 August: End of canoe trip at Little Salmon, 622'10" N 13544'56" W. Drive to Carmacks then return to Whitehorse.

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