Cordillera Real

Here are some pictures from a trip to the Cordillera Real in Bolivia in July/August 2005 with KE Adventure.

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Mon 25 July: La Paz.
Tue 26 July: Tiwanaku pre-Inca ruins, drive to Copacabana.
Wed 27 July: Boat to Isla del Sol.
Thu 28 July: Boat then walk to pre-Inca temple at Pilokaina.
Fri 29 July: Boat to Isla del Luna, boat to mainland, drive to Sorata.
Sat 30 July: Walk to San Pedro cave.
Sun 31 July: Drive to start of trek (4630m), walk down to camp at Ancoma (3900m).
Mon 1 August: Walk up to Korhuasi Pass (4490m), down to Cocoyo village, then up to camp (3700m).
Tue 2 August: Walk up to Sarani Pass (4500m), down to camp near Chacolpaya (4110m).
Wed 3 August: Walk up to Negruni Pass (4900m), down to camp near Negruni (4680m).
Thu 4 August: Walk down the valley to camp at Palca (4020m).
Fri 5 August: Walk up to Portero Pass, ascent of Murucantaya (5020m), across the pass (4780m), down to camp at Hankolakaya (4400m).
Sat 6 August: Walk up road to Paso Mullu (4990m), down to camp above Kotia Lake (4500m).
Sun 7 August: Peak above camp (5030m).
Mon 8 August: Traverse above lower lake, across pass (4810m), camp on shore of Alka Quota (4600m).
Tue 9 August: Walk to Sistena Pass (5120m), Purikhota Pass (4980m), down to camp beside Jurikhota Lake (4750m).
Wed 10 August: Walk to next lake, ascent of peak above Apacheta Pass (5350m), across pass (5160m), camp beside Lake Chairkhota (4710m).
Thu 11 August: Walk to Paso Aguja Negra (5030m), Paso Zongo Sistena (4940m), end of trek at Botijlaca (3700m).
Fri 12 August: La Paz.

Jon Herring [created 11-Sep-2005, modified 19-Oct-2015]