Franklin River 2016

Here are some pictures from a rafting trip on the Franklin River, Tasmania, in November/December 2016 with World Expeditions.

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Video clips: YouTube.

GPS logs (.kmz - load into Google Earth).

Wed 30 November: Drive to Collingwood Bridge, raft down the Collingwood River to the Franklin River, then to camp at Angel Rain Cavern.
Thu 01 December: Raft to Irenabyss.
Fri 02 December: Attempt on Frenchman's Cap. Aborted due to poor weather (which then improved to give a sunny afternoon at camp).
Sat 03 December: Raft to camp at The Beach Club.
Sun 04 December: Raft to Coruscades.
Mon 05 December: Raft to Rafters Basin.
Tue 06 December: Raft to Newlands Cave.
Wed 07 December: Rest day at Newlands Cave.
Thu 08 December: Raft to Kutikina Cave then to camp at Big Fall Beach.
Fri 09 December: Raft to "The Lost World", on to the Gordon River, then to Sir John Falls.
Sat 10 December: Aboard the "Stormbreaker" to Strahan.


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