Here are some pictures from a trip up Kilimanjaro on the Shira route in January 2004 with Exodus.

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Sat 17 January: From Londorossi Gate (2250m) to the first camp (on foot as the track was too muddy for our vehicles).
Sun 18 January: From the first camp to the second, near Shira Hut (3840m).
Mon 19 January: To Moir Hut (4200m) then to the summit of one of the Lent Hills (4600m). Camp again at Shira Hut.
Tue 20 January: Beneath the Western Breach to Lava Tower Junction (4500m) then descent to the bottom of the Great Barranco Valley (3900m).
Wed 21 January: Climb up the Barranco Wall, along the southeastern flank of Kibo to Karanga (3960m), then up to Barafu camp (4550m).
Thu 22 January: Night ascent to Stella Point (5735m) and Uhuru Peak (5895m). Descent to Barafu then Mweka(3100m).
Fri 23 January: Descent through forest to Mweka camp (1650m).

Jon Herring [created 06-Feb-2004, modified 21-Oct-2015]