Here are some pictures from a trip to Oman in February 2014 with KE Adventure.

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Fri 7 February: Arrive Muscat. Afternoon city tour.
Sat 8 February: Muscat Grand Mosque. Drive to Balid Sait village. Gorge walk. Drive to Jabal Shams.
Sun 9 February: Drive to Al Kateen village. Balcony trail. Drive up Wadi Ghul/Nakhr. Visit Misfat al Abriyyin village.
[Walk stats: start 08:18, finish 12:28, min 1605m, max. 1845m, ascent 270m, descent 270m]
Mon 10 February: Jabal Akhdar, Quiyut – Sayq Plateau walk. Drive to camp.
[Walk stats: start 09:41, finish 16:26, min 1860m, max 2320m, ascent 540m, descent 805m]
Tue 11 February: Jabal Akhdar - Qarut al Úlya walk. Drive to Nizwa.
[Walk stats: start 08:35, finish 15:11, min 700m, max 2065m, ascent 50m, descent 1400m]
Wed 12 February: Nizwa souks and fort. Drive to Wadi Bani Khalid.
Thu 13 February: Selma Plateau walk. Drive to beach camp (planned camp too windy).
[Walk stats: start 09:34, finish 18:09, min 665m, max 2115m, ascent 1650m, descent 270m]
Fri 14 February: Wadi Shab.
Sat 15 February: Wadi Tiwi. Drive to Muscat.
[Walk stats: start 09:24, finish 12:43, min 145m, max 210m, ascent 75m, descent 70m]
Sun 16 February: Depart Muscat.

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