Sarek 2019

Here are some pictures from a backpacking trip to Sarek National Park, Sweden, in August 2019 with Exped Adventure.

Day 3
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Day 6

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GPS logs (.kmz - load into Google Earth).

Sat 03 Aug
Arrive Kiruna.
Sun 04 Aug
Train to Gallivare. Bus to Ritsem. Earlier bus cancelled and this bus arrived too late for the boat. Camp at car park.
Mon 05 Aug
Boat across lake. Padjelantaleden trail then into the Ruohtesvagge valley. Camp.
Tue 06 Aug
Ruohtesvagge valley. Camp beyond bridge at Mihka
Wed 07 Aug
Up to pass at 1066m then down into the Rapadalen valley. Camp.
Thu 08 Aug
Rapadalen valley. Camp just beyond Aktse.
Fri 09 Aug
Continue to Svijnne. Row across lake. Into the Avtsusjvagge valley. Camp.
Sat 10 Aug
Continue to Saltoluokta. Bus to Gallivare. Rail replacement bus to Kiruna.
Sun 11 Aug
Mine tour. Depart Kiruna.