Simien Mountains

Here are some pictures from a trip to the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia at the end of 2002 with Exodus.

Full gallery (50 pictures).

Mon 23 December: From Debark to Mindigebsa.
Tue 24 December: To Sanka Ber and Geech.
Wed 25 December: Imetgogo (3926m).
Thu 26 December: From Geech to Chenek.
Fri 27 December: From Chenek to Ambiko over Bwahit (4430m).
Sat 28 December: Ras Dashen (4543m).
Sun 29 December: Ambiko via Arquaziye to Sona.
Mon 30 December: Ansyiya valley to Mekarebya.
Tue 31 December: To last camp.
Wed 1 January: To Adiarkai.

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