Tien Shan

Here are some pictures from a trip to the Tien Shan - the "Celestial Mountains" - in Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan in August 2003 with Explore Worldwide.

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Mon 4 August: Arrive Almaty. City tour.
Tue 5 August: Drive to Karkara base camp.
Wed 6 August: From Karkara base camp, along the Kokjar River, to the first wild camp. By horse then 6-wheel drive.
Thu 7 August: Over a pass, along a river, through the Tyouk Kokpak canyon.
Fri 8 August: Up to a pass at 3150m then down into the gorge of the Ulken Kokpak river.
Sat 9 August: Up to a pass at 3450m, up the right-hand peak, then down to Karakol Lake.
Sun 10 August: To Akkol Lake.
Mon 11 August: Up to North Ashutor pass at 3800m then down through the Ashutor valley.
Tue 12 August: Up to Ashutor pass at 3900m then down the Sary Dhas valley.
Wed 13 August: Helicopter to South Inylchek Glacier base camp at 4000m.
Thu 14 August: Walk towards base of Kan Tengri (6995m).
Fri 15 August: Walk towards Pobeda (7439m).
Sat 16 August: Helicopter back to Karkara base camp.
Sun 17 August: Drive back to Almaty stopping at Charyn River Canyon.

Jon Herring [created 20-Sep-2003, modified 22-Oct-2015]